So um…

January 28, 2009

As of last night, I now own Halo 3 and GTA IV.

Life = over.


One Response to “So um…”

  1. Hey Tina,

    I always have a delightful time reading your blog. It’s like astrology without the crap. Nice to see that your down with GTA4….I’ve convinced myself that you bought it cuz I talked about it. But standing at number 2 for best game if the year, I highly doubt I was the main cause. Either way, Nico Ballik is one bad mother fucker and doing what you want how you want is really the fun part. I tried shooting Michelle in the head, she wont die….

    Anyhow, this is just a comment page, so I should just cut it short.
    see ya soon friend.

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