The Potluck

December 17, 2008

Tomorrow is our office potluck. Keeping with my tradition of being uninterested, unmotivated and uncheerful, I haven’t committed to any one dish in particular. All I’ve said is that I’m going to bring a dessert.

I vented, to my father, because I knew he’d understand. Behold, the email conversation:

I have to come by this evening to bake something for my office potluck

That sounds good.

I hate cooking! I don’t want to participate!

I just want to eat what everyone else brings and not contribute anything.

That statement is probably a really negative reflection of my character…

I wonder where you got that attitude from…

Probably from the bad seed in the family.


Anyway. I have not decided what I’m going to make yet and it’s stressing me out.

What kind of dessert would you like to see at your office potluck? Oh, and feel free to link me to recipes ;)


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