Northern Festivities

October 31, 2008

This weekend, we celebrated Emilie’s birthday up at her parent’s cottage.

Behold. Photographs.

The view from one of the back windows of Emilie’s cottage.

Fangirls of what is only the best game ever.

Emilie brought the cake so why the hell was her name was spelled wrong…

The pseudo Habs fan/birthday girl

Apples to Apples begins

Apples to Apples kicks your mom’s ass.

Julie, Jonathan L. and Emilie chowing down.
Not pictured: the glass-shard infused lasagna.
It’s kind of like eating fugu. Will you survive long enough for second helpings?

Why white people should never try to look tough.

Sabrina, Colin, Jonathan C, Alicia and me.
I look bald. I blame it on the sunlight on my translucent
almost-blonde baby hairs that frame my face.


One Response to “Northern Festivities”

  1. ari Says:

    i’m a random passerby, but i just had to comment on apples to apples. i love that game, too! it kicks all extended family members’ asses.

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