A list cause I’m lazy…

October 21, 2008
  • I molested a new MacBook Pro and I’m not ashamed. I love my iMac but how did I ever expect to go longer than a year without sexy computing mobility? If anyone has $1500 to send my way, don’t be shy. All I want is the MacBook. I just want to join the ranks of all you wireless wizards of the world wide web.

  • I attended Alicia’s mother’s birthday bash on Friday night and let me tell you, if I can amass a quarter of the friends and family that this woman has, I’ll be very blessed. There are many highlights of the evening, but the most perplexing would have to be when a young teenage girl yelled “PARTY POOPER!” directly in my face as she and the boisterous congo line she was in snaked by the table I was innocently seated at. 

Me, Alicia, Joseph and Jonathan.
We go back. Way back. Back into time.
And fuck… do I look like a muthahumpin’ party pooper?

  • Saturday evening, I consumed the spiciest lamb vindaloo to ever pass through my lips. It was so spicy that it was preceded by several warnings from the waiter as well as a post-vindaloo quip that suggested we’d learn just how spicy it was when it came out the following morning. Get in mah belly!

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