Want frise with that?

October 14, 2008

Today I felt like pampering myself in the gastronomical sense, so I ventured over to Burger King for lunch and was pleased to learn that the value meal of the day – the King Supreme burger – has not one, but two meat patties. This can only mean good things for the rest of the day.

Although, when I ordered, the cashier totally threw me for a loop by asking “how many?”. How many? How many what? Trios?! What the eff.

Anyway, so I overheard the following conversation at work today:

Coworker #1: How do you spell French fries?
Coworker #2: French fries?
Coworker #1: Yeah, fries. F-R-I-S-E?
Coworker #2: F-R-I…
Coworker #1: I think it’s F-R-I-S-E.
Coworker #2: Let me check. (Pulls out dictionary).

Thank God we draw and not write.


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