Diarrhea… of the verbal variety

June 2, 2008

I’m more of a bachelor than a bachelorette in the sense that I a) never have any food in my fridge, b) have copious amounts of alcohol in place of said food, and c) let dirty laundry pile up for days, weeks, to the point where I have no clean clothes left and am forced to dedicate an entire weekend wrestling with my washer and dryer.

So I did five or six loads this weekend and I realized – holy shit, I have a lot of clothes! Not all nice clothes, mind you, but the quantity is quite astonishing.

Anyway, anyone ever listen to Bootsy Collins? Dude says some of the most ridiculous lines I’ve ever heard.

From I’d Rather Be With You:
“Get ready. I’m gonna stick my love in your eye baby, you can see me coming baby, just coming all over you.”

From You Got Me Wide Open:
” You know every time I see you, I develop post nasal drip. You got my nose runnin baby.”

From What’s a Telephone Bill:
“Let me just breathe in your ear hole baby”


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